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We help businesses make their brands stand out and connect with customers on an emotional level. Our services include scenting, music and audio messaging.

Scents the brain directly, connecting to limbic systems that govern emotions and memories. They can trigger powerful feelings of nostalgia, comfort, and happiness. When these positive associations are paired with a brand, it becomes a powerful tool for brands to influence consumer behavior and drive sales.

In a landscape where brand visuals, logos, and taglines have become so stale, mushy, and bland (the dreaded “millennial blanding”), scents have the power to stand out. They are personal, surface memory, and create an emotional connection that is difficult to replicate with any other marketing strategy.

“The Science of Scent: How Professionals Engineer Memorable Experiences

A good scent can inspire shoppers to spend more time in a store and purchase more products. It can also encourage repeat visits and loyalty to a business by making them recall the positive emotions they experienced when they visited in the past.

Scenting can be done with reed diffusers, candles, mists, soap, stones, and other methods to complement your business’s environment and set the tone of your brand. Many hotels choose to have their own signature scent that they use in common areas, lobbies, and guest rooms. These scents are a reflection of the hotel’s ambiance, values, and style. The same can be said for retail stores, restaurants, or any other type of business.

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