Wetpour Surface

The Wetpour Surface, also known as impact-attenuating rubber playground surfacing, is hard-wearing and durable. It can be laid in a variety of depths depending on the equipment in your play area and can be built over existing tarmac surfaces or a new base surface. The wet pour can be colored with attractive themes to attract children and help develop an engaging outdoor learning environment. Games can be incorporated into the wet pour, such as hopscotch and snakes and ladders, to create a fun and educational experience.

Unlike loose-fill surfacing, wet pour is weatherproof and offers fantastic slip resistance all year round. It is a porous system, meaning rainwater soaks through, making it less likely to form slippery puddles in the winter.

The Science Behind Wetpour Surfaces: What Makes Them Resilient and Safe

Wet pour surfacing is also a very safe surface for kids to jump, fall, and roll on. This is due to its ability to offer cushioning and shock absorbency. This is perfect for those little ones who love to play on the go, as it can help them develop their balance and coordination.

It is a popular choice for daily mile tracks as it can be installed in a range of different sizes and configurations to suit your space. The surface is also very porous, meaning puddles don’t form and kids can run that vital mile without worrying about the surfacing becoming slippery.

Compared to the cost of loose-fill surfacing, wet-pour is an affordable option that has long-term durability and requires little maintenance. However, it is important to carry out regular inspections to identify and repair any damage that may occur.

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