When you visit Vancouver Dispensary Canada expect to see much more than just bud. Most dispensaries now offer an array of products such as tinctures, oils and edibles. They also sell a range of accessories, from vaporisers to bongs. Moreover, they provide a variety of high-quality marijuana strains. These include Animal Gas, Cake Frosting and Duke Nukem. You can even purchase CBD, which is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis.

While the federal government remains fervently pro-prohibition, local police forces and health departments have taken the position that the time is right to legalize and regulate dispensaries. Across Canada, neon green marijuana leafs have been popping up in shop windows, and many shops have on-site naturopaths available for quasi-medical consultations.

Green Oasis in the City: Navigating the Best Dispensaries in Vancouver, Canada

Earlier this year, Vancouver City Council approved rules that set zoning controls and hefty licence fees for marijuana stores. It also requires that the storeowners consult the community and disclose their financial data. The fees for for-profit marijuana shops are $13,500 a year, while non-profit compassion clubs pay $1,000 annually. That’s still far less than the fee a grocery store pays to operate in Vancouver, which is $4,595 per year.

However, the new regulations have prompted some illegal marijuana dispensaries to pop up. Despite the efforts of the city, eight dispensaries are operating in Vancouver. That’s more than twice the number of legal shops in the city. The owners of the legal cannabis outlets say they’re frustrated that their hard work is being undermined by a shadowy illegal industry.

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