inflact is a powerful Instagram bot that allows you to automate and accelerate the growth of your profile. It works across all platforms (iPhone, Android, PC) and is accessible via a browser without the need to download an app. Besides the standard modules that most services of this kind offer, inflact has an additional one dedicated to the management of direct messages on Instagram. It also has several safety mechanisms that prevent the arousal of suspicion and possible blocking by Instagram. In the first weeks of use, it will work in safe mode to avoid provoking Instagram’s filters.

It works on a cloud, meaning that the dashboard is stored in the cloud and you can access it on any device, from your iPhone or Android to your computer desktop. This is a great feature, especially given the fact that inflact is not just an Instagram bot, but a whole suite of tools and services for optimizing your Instagram account.

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The Inflact Promo module is a powerful tool that allows you to steal followers from competitors like a pro. It is based on a unique algorithm that analyzes your competitors’ profiles and identifies their audience, then automatically starts engaging with them to attract the users from their following list to your account.

Inflact is a powerful Instagram automation service that allows you to grow your audience, increase engagement and even generate sales (if you are an online e-commerce). Its main advantage is the ability to adapt to changes in the Instagram algorithm and the speed of its implementation. It has been used by influencers, companies, digital entrepreneurs and freelancers with satisfaction. The growth that can be achieved is usually between 1000 and 3000 new followers per month, as well as an increase in engagement and organic reach of posts and stories.

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