A male half-elf mixes the curiosity and inventiveness of his human father with the refined senses, love of nature, and artistic tastes of his elven mother. He is the child of two worlds, a wanderer who never fully fits into either society.

A half-elf typically follows the religion of the people with whom he is most familiar, though he may worship any god he chooses. If raised by humans, he is likely to lean toward Mikon and Valok; those born of sylvan parents might follow Astrala or Dru’El, depending on his father’s lineage.

Half-elves tend to use the common tongue as their primary language, but some speak elven or Nanshi, depending on where they were born. They often use a combination of human and elf names as a way to express their non-native status.

Unveiling the Allure of Male Half-Elves: A Closer Look at Their Unique Heritage

Most half-elves live itinerant lives, roaming the lands and avoiding civilization as much as possible. Others, however, embrace their wanderlust and pursue careers as trappers, foresters, hunters, or adventurers. Still others seek out society and bolster their courage by seeking fame, wealth, and power to establish a legacy in the land they call home.

Half-elves mature at the same rate as humans and reach adulthood around age 20. They live longer than humans, however, often exceeding 180 years. Most of the time, half-elves follow the path of law, but their varied backgrounds and life experiences can sometimes lead them to lean toward chaos or evil.

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